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Location: Russia / Israel
Languages: English, Russian
Location: Russia / Israel
Languages: English, Russian

I’ve created 2 anti-age programs (male and female ones). When working with clients, I prepare a health roadmap in the Subscription format (6 or 12 months). It includes: ▫️ individual lifestyle ▫️ your personal needs and the needs of your body ▫️ realities of modern life You will have an access to: ▪️ health mind map ▪️ my tools for work (diet planner - my «Nutrient Planner», additionally created resource for scientific discussions - QuoRoom) ▪️ instructions for each country you fly to ▪️preparation of the body for a new cuisine / climate / time zone ▪️Scheme-support for easy flight ▪️ life in "camping conditions" - when there is no time for a full meal ▪️ For each individual case, I involve experienced colleagues of the required profile and level of expertise. The cost of an annual subscription is $5,000 for net benefit and expert advice. And I don't just give you recommendations. I create the SCENARIO of your healthy and active life!


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$5000 · Annual subscription / 1 year support


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